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Divine Union Subliminal MP3 Digital Download by Island Time Wellness with Ocean

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This subliminal was lovingly made by me. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sounds of relaxing ocean waves! Listen to this recording on low- at just above audible. We will take care of the rest! We've included powerful Binaural Beats in the love frequency of 432 Hz which can be accessed with the use of headphones (do not use noise-canceling though). Profound results can occur quickly and easily. Did you know that you can literally design the life of your dreams? You can- by using subliminal recordings. Subliminal recordings bypass the conscious 'you can't do it' mind- and get delivered directly to the inbox of your subconscious mind (which quietly controls our beliefs, habits, and patterns), What does your ideal life look like? Decide what you want and let us help you make it so with our subliminal recordings! Listen daily until you see the results you desire.

Divine Union is about being in union with yourself first and feeling the union with all as an organic byproduct. Our Oneness | Divine Union subliminal recording is to help you program your mind to know, feel, and live the connection between yourself, the other, and the collective! It will help to release your old programming that you are separate from anyone or anything. Separation is only an illusion. Reign in your sovereign power NOW with our powerful, life-changing subliminals!

We Are One | Oneness | Divine Union | Contains 432 Binaural Beats | The Love Frequency

Script: (as spoken by female and male)

I love me, I love you

I am in divine Union now

We are in divine Union now

We are Infinitely connected now

We are parts of the collective together now

We are happy, relaxed, and enjoying each moment now

We are one love now


Please discontinue use if any unpleasant side effects occur. Volume may be too high. Do not operate heavy machinery while using any subliminal recording. Subliminal recordings are not a substitute for medical or psychological care.

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Divine Union Subliminal MP3 Digital Download by Island Time Wellness with Ocean

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